Infrastructure and Urban Development Lighthouse Network

The infrastructure sector has traditionally been slow to change and cautious in its approach toward innovation in technology, sustainability and resilience strategies. Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, rapid adaptation and industry transformation are more critical now than ever. Partners in the IU community are being challenged to manage the acute stresses caused by the pandemic and rebuild a better and more resilient future for the industry.



Build a cross-sector network that shares insights and best practices to improve the delivery and performance of infrastructure. The network will focus on medium-term planning for industry recovery in the aftermath of pandemic, as well as a long-term vision to rebuild a more resilient industry by showcasing examples of innovation in digital technology adoption, advancing net-zero carbon, and creating a circular economy in the infrastructure sector. The network will seek to include IU industry partners, subject matter experts, and public officials from government, cities, and agencies in the infrastructure sector


The IU Lighthouse Network will solicit case studies and best practices from IU industry partners as well as partnering organizations from public sector, civil society, and academia to address a different theme for each quarter. Partners will be asked to contribute blog articles to showcase their approaches to solving problems in these areas. 

A virtual workshop will be held each quarter, featuring a panel of speakers primarily drawn from the IU Strategy Officer community and subject matter experts. Workshops may include guests from government and cities, to facilitate a working dialogue on public private coordination to accelerate and scale the sector innovations discussed in the session.