India Skills Initiative

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With roughly 500 million workers, India’s labour force is currently the second largest in the world and is projected to be the largest by 2030. As more than half of India’s population is under the age of 25, 1 million workers are joining India’s workforce every month. Apart from having to create over 10 million new jobs a year, the country needs to close the growing skills-opportunity mismatch by systematically investing in its talent pool to reap the full advantages of its human capital. In keeping with private-sector growth rates, India needs to nurture its talent pool and equip its growing population with the education and skills, irrespective of geography, gender and social status.
The initiative connects business, government, civil society, and education and training providers, in their joint goal of creating jobs and building up skilled workforce. Through analysis of the current situation, projected future demands, and the pooling of best practices, the initiative supports involved stakeholders in identifying opportunities for solutions.


The goal of the project is to raise awareness, facilitate exchange of knowledge and best practices among participating organisations, trigger a shift of mindset from talent as a competitive space to a collaborative space that will eventually lead to partnerships.