Global New Mobility Coalition

The Opportunity we Set to Capture

Deployed in the presence of supportive policy frameworks, shared, electric, and automated mobility technologies (SEAM) show strong potential to promote human well-being by dramatically improving transportation’s efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. The Coalition is a partnership between the Fourm’s Future of Mobility Platform and ClimateWorks Foundation.


Our Mission

Co-develop, pilot, and scale awareness-building and policy initiatives that promote the benefits of shared, electric, and automated mobility technologies (SEAM) to society and the environment.

Our Theory of Change

Research shows that SEAM solutions can contribute to sustainable mobility. However with the rapid pace of technology change, the appropriate enabling environment remains unclear. Therefore, we see an acute need to co-develop awareness and policy jointly with decision-makers, private sector companies, researchers, and other stakeholders. We further see great value in translating accumulated knowledge into action through in-practice experimentation. We aim to jointly implement approaches with the potential for strong sustainability impact in partnership with cities and governments based on a continuous improvement process. We are committed to serving diverse mobility needs and tackling equity, efficiency, air quality, and climate impacts in transportation. A coalition comprised of an active and diverse multi-stakeholder community is better positioned to drive a balanced and credible transition to a more sustainable transportation future via SEAM, than individual actors.


The coalition is primarily comprised of North America, EU, and Asian partners from the public, private, third, and academic sectors.


The coalition will:

  1. Consolidate knowledge relevant for informing private and public sector of sustainable urban mobility enabled through SEAM, i.e. more equitable mobility systems, better air quality, and lower carbon emissions.

  2. Reinforce and communicate the vision for sustainable urban mobility leveraging SEAM in an engaging manner.

  3. Co-design and test SEAM governance frameworks and supporting policies through multi-stakeholder projects.

  4. Communicate lessons through relevant global events and communication platforms, and scale best practices by engaging private and public decision-makers from new regions and supporting subsequent pilots.

How to Engage

-       Join as a member, steering committee memmebr, or knowledge and action partner. Ask us about our GNMC Cahrter to learm more about these options.


Maya Ben Dror, AUM Lead: 

Sandra Caballero, AUM Specialist