Preparing for the Future of Work in the Mining and Metals Industry

As technology develops at an accelerated pace, cognitive abilities and tasks that were once thought to be reserved for humans are increasingly being automated. There is a window of opportunity now for the Mining and Metals industry to proactively manage this transition, ensuring that gains are maximized, negative impact is contained and opportunities are shared equally, regardless of gender, age and origin. The Forum Mining and Metals community agreed that it’s crucial to understand the business transformation and how it is evolving in order to take advantage of a technology revolution, while struggling against a number of headwinds, including lagging corporate social responsibility practices, lack of growth, and the ‘discovery deficit’. To prepare for these challenges, the Mining and Metals Community brought together a taskforce to better understand not only how to use technology for maximum efficiency but also to implement best-practices and internal processes to promote diversity, equality, morality and safety in industry workplaces in which future generations with needed modern skills sets would aspire to work. This should facilitate the implementation of a positive and proactive approach to navigating the future employment and skills landscape, through growth-focused reskilling and upskilling programs, new talent pipelines, inter- and intra-industry smart redeployment of human capital, and strategies for socially responsible action in aid of those displaced by automation. The project is done in collaboration with ICMM.





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