Future of Consumption in Fast-Growth Consumer Markets

The Future of Consumption in Fast-Growth Consumer Markets is a multi-year project which focuses on the evolution of consumption in emerging markets (China, India, ASEAN) that comprise over 40% of world population and leapfrogging. In collaboration with Bain & Company, the project focused on China in 2017 and India in 2018; over 2019-2020, a focused study on ASEAN will ensue.

As was successfully done for China and India over 2017-2019, research over 2019-2020 will articulate a vision for the future of consumption in ASEAN over the next decade, as enabled by global and local forces, and will thereby determine the implications for both business and society at large. Thereafter, upon prioritizing the most critical implications, actionable imperatives will be put forward for private and public sector stakeholders.

This study will bring strategic foresight around the drivers of growth and levers of inclusivity in such key markets, which can benefit global leaders around the world as they all grapple with similar challenges.

The ultimate objective is shaping consumption-lead inclusive growth in emerging markets (China, India, ASEAN) by catalyzing collaborative actions, including through public-private partnerships on the most pressing topics.

Contact: Mayuri Ghosh (Mayuri.Ghosh@weforum.org)