Platform for Good Digital Identity

As more people, devices and associated personal data get online, there is growing focus on an enabling element of the new digital environment – our identities. User-centric digital identities are the base of trusted digital interactions and access to digital services, enabling personalization, customer loyalty, increased security and reduced costs.


Innovative customer services are possible: telemedicine and digital prescriptions, gig economy, more fluid workforce, digital banking via devices in the internet of things (IoT), digital transformation of supply chains and the provision of government services.


In this era of unprecedented data and ubiquitous intelligence, it is essential that organizations reimagine how they manage personal data and digital identities and how to solve identity in ways that empower individuals and offer control to individuals on their data.


At the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2018 in Davos, a diverse group of public and private stakeholders committed to shared cooperation on advancing good, user-centric digital identities. The Platform for Good Digital Identity seeks to advance global activities towards digital identities that are collaborative and put the user interest at the center: e.g. they are fit for purpose, inclusive, useful, secure, and offers choice to individuals. It will do so by advancing the Identity Coalitions Network: the learning and action network of organizations that implement Good ID solutions that are human centric and collaborative, by:


– Mapping digital identity coalitions advancing digital identity

– Encouraging shared learnings and new coalitions through a global action network

– Focusing on practitioners implementing user-centric use cases collaboratively: e.g. e-KYC, payments, health credentials, safe work, safe mobility, etc.

– Creating a digital identity implementation guidance for current and future coalitions





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