Cyber Resilience in Oil & Gas


Ensuring effective cyber resilience across the Oil & Gas sector requires a combined and aligned multidisciplinary effort to achieve a cohesive business and digital enablement, at a time when digitalization and exposure to cyber attacks are growing at an unprecedented pace. The World Economic Forum Cyber Resilience in Oil & Gas initiative aims to foster international cooperation and dialogues between public and private sector leaders to embed cyber resilience in the business culture and operating models and take a systemic approach to risk management.


To achieve this, this purpose-oriented community is convening stakeholders from the Oil & Gas industry, government and academic institutions to develop tools and frameworks that amplify and accelerate the adoption of proven approaches for cyber resilience by:

  • Ensuring the effective adoption of cyber-resilience principles by a board of directors to influence

  • Establishing and aligning cybersecurity practices across the Oil & Gas supply chain

  • Incentivizing adoption of proven approaches by establishing a benchmarking platform for cyber‑resilience best practices


  • White paper: Playbook for Boards and Corporate Officers - a blueprint for evaluating cyber risk across the oil and gas industry. 

  • White paper: Advancing supply chain security in oil and gas - an industry analysis - actionable guidance, methodologies and examples to improve the oversight of third-party risks and improve cyber resilience across the oil and gas business environment.

  • Third-party Assessment Tool (on request) - Baseline assessment questionnaire composed of 39 cybersecurity requirements that cover both information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT). (If you would like a copy, email us and we will share)


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