Cyber Polygon

Cyberspace by nature has no borders, which allows those criminals to launch attacks from anywhere in the world, at any time. As legal parameters are proving unable to keep pace with the speed of technological proliferation, the absence of international laws capable of restricting the actions of attackers regardless of their geolocation gives them a sense of absolute impunity. To counter this effectively, there is an urgent need to start learning the basics of working together.

What is Cyber Polygon?

Cyber Polygon is an international capacity building initiative aimed at raising the global cyber resilience and the expansion of intersectoral cooperation against cyberthreats.

The partners and participants involved in Cyber Polygon are tech and cybersecurity companies, international organisations, as well as state and law enforcement agencies coming from all corners of the globe.

Concept 2020

Even those companies, whose cybersecurity is based on cutting-edge technologies, are not immune to cyberattacks. In such cases the response teams have to be prepared to react quickly and effectively.

This, however, requires regular training and boosts of skills, which can be hard to organise, as most companies don’t face cyberattacks on a daily basis.

How can we learn to make right decisions in a crisis before it hits? And how to prevent "digital pandemic"?

This year at Cyber Polygon, our goal is to simulate very realistic situations allowing our participants to get through a crisis without any consequences and discuss with global leaders how to prevent and deal with such situations in reality.

Date: 8 July

Format: Virtual