Can You Dig This Screening

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The Des Moines Global Shapers team hosted a screening of the documentary, "Can You Dig This?" in June of this summer. In partnership with Gathr Films and Fleur Cinema, Global Shapers organized this event as a part of their efforts to spur positive change in this community. Over 70 people attended, along with several local organizations, including groups and individuals working to empower urban farmers and gardeners of all types. Global Shapers sponsored this event in part to point to all of the wonderful efforts that are already happening in Des Moines in the realms of food, health, justice, and farming, as well as to inspire and motivate more people to come alongside these great initiatives. The film followed the stories of four urban gardeners, and pointed to the ways in which gardening can help to unify and enrich communities while promoting health and justice in the midst of poverty. Global Shapers continues to work on different projects and initiatives in Des Moines that support social justice and neighborhood unification. 


Host a screening to create awareness on urban agriculture and social equity issues; and create opportunity for unique conversations relating to both issues.