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5G Global Accelerator

The 5G Global Accelerator aims at accelerating a sustainable and inclusive transition to the next generation of mobile networks to respond and recover from the Covid-19 crisis and build better connected and more resilient societies.




1) Engage a cross-sector community to define new collaboration models

2) Inform public-private dialogues by leveraging co-created actionable knowledge tools

3) Shape the narrative to help cross-sector actors fully understand the value of 5G




A network of 50 Chief Technology Officers, Strategy Officers, Technology Pioneers and other leaders representing 40 organizations across 12 industries, government and academia and a first-of-its kind coalition of CEOs, Presidents and top leaders from the most influential 5G associations and regional alliances across sectors



2020 outputs

5G Outlook Series

A series of publications that examine the effects of mobile technology on the response to COVID-19 and assess the outlook for the expanded use of 5G in the medium and long term.

- Enabling Inclusive Long-term Opportunities (January 2021)

- Transforming Essential Services for Economic Recovery in the Great Reset (September 2020)

- The Impact of Mobile Technology on the Response to COVID-19 (July 2020)


Compendium of Use Cases

A collection of 5G solutions that illustrate the enabling opportunities to transform essential services and boost economic recovery (part 1 and part 2)


2021 Activities

Informing the Digital Economy Agenda 

Building on the outputs of the 5G Outlook Series and knowledge tools produced over the past years, we will disseminate key learnings and recommendations participating in relevant discussions of the digital economy agenda to realize business opportunities and drive action. 


Thought Leadership 

Leveraging the World Economic Forum Strategic Intelligence tools, such as the 5G Transformation Map, and the reach of the articles of the "Agenda", we will share knowledge and reflect the latest perspectives from top leaders on critical issues such as economic recovery, the digital divide or the environment where 5G can play a key role. 


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