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Tanya Filer

Research Associate in Public Policy and Policy Engagement, Cambridge Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge

Research Fellow, Cambridge University. Interests: information and digital technologies, particularly in relation to governance, political communications, media and democracy; digital innovation and entrepreneurship from and for the Global South. Regional specialism in Latin America. Former Frank Knox Memorial Fellow at Harvard University, British Research Council Scholar-in-Residence at Kluge Center, Library of Congress, Collaborative Exchange Scholar at Yale University and Leverhulme Invited Scholar at Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina. Founder, Harvard Peer Editors' Network. Latin America market analysis and advisory at Foro and Hiscox. At Cambridge, Member of the Leverhulme Trust Conspiracy and Democracy Project, Philomathia Forum (for research directly relevant to public policy), Teaching Associate at the Centre for Latin American Studies and Senior Member, Robinson College, Cambridge.