Sophia Velastegui

General Manager, Product, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft

Sophia Velastegui is the General Manager in AI Products + Search in Microsoft. Her core responsibilities include managing Microsoft AI Product and Search Product portfolio and partnership. She continues to drive strategic initiatives with key partners for shared benefits on their platform and Microsoft AI platform. Ms. Velastegui serves on the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council and as an Industry Strategy Officer leveraging her expertise in AI and emerging technology since 2018. Before joining Microsoft, Ms. Velastegui served as Doppler Lab’s Chief Product Officer where she defined a new product category and created the world 1st smart earbuds that leveraged machine learning to enhance how people experience sound and help people hear better. During her time there, Doppler was the technical advisor to the “OTC Hearing Aid Act of 2017” spearheaded and passed by Senator Warren and Senator Grassley. She headed Google/Nest’s Silicon/Architecture Roadmap team where she scaled the organization from startup to growth business unit after Google acquisition. Features include personalization via ML, predictive environmental adjustment to silicon development. Previously at Apple, she led the Advance Tech “Platform Architecture” Program Management and Laptop/Special Projects Product group. Some of her special projects included the 1st Apple Watch, CarPlay, back end for ARKit, mapping data acquisition, Apple Map Cars, and AI/ML application across advance technology. Prior to Apple, Ms. Velastegui increased her knowledge of technology and product development through a variety of roles at ETM, and Applied Materials. Ms. Velastegui serves on Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering and Create X incubator boards. She serves as a board director on Elwrn and held advisor role for the South Korean President Jae In Moon’s Labor dept from candidancy to presidency. Ms. Velastegui is widely recognized technology and industry leader who advocates diversity in technology and leadership. She has received numerous recognition and awards for her contributions to technology including being recognized by Business Insider’s Most Powerful Female Engineers in the World for her work in advance technology at Google and then again for her work in AI at Microsoft. Ms. Velastegui received the prestigious Lumiere Distinguished Leadership Award from the Advanced Imaging Society for innovation and technical impact in advancing entertainment and media industries. Ms. Velastegui received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Materials from Georgia Tech. She earned her M.S. from UC Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering. She completed executive education programs from Stanford Law School and Harvard Business School.