Simon Boas Hoffmeyer

Director, Group Sustainability at Carlsberg Group, Carlsberg Group

Simon has a background within strategy, business development, PR and communications and has been developing business-driven sustainability solutions for more than 10 years, within many different areas such as compliance, reporting, communication, data management and branding. He is currently sustainability director at Carlsberg Group and is among others responsible for the Carlsberg Circular Community, a partnership platform where Carlsberg’s suppliers, customers and other stakeholders co-operate to create resource optimised solutions using the Cradle-to-Cradle® design framework and the roll out of the sustainability programme Together Towards ZERO. His interest particularly lies in making sustainability relevant and accessible for the consumers, and developing value-chain partnerships to achieve sustainability goals. An example of this includes the development of the world’s first bio based and biodegradable beer bottle – The Green Fiber Bottle.