Shin-ichiro Kengaku

Group Executive Officer, SPARX Group

Appointed as Group Executive Officer of SPARX Group, a Japanese asset management company, to supervise its entire energy-related business after retiring the Managing Executive Officer of Tokyo Electric Power Company Inc., (TEPCO). In this connection, he also has served as Chairman of SPARX Green Energy & Technology Co., Ltd., which has 1.5 billion dollar renewable energy assets in Japan. SPARX also has been managing 1 billion dollar venture capital funds. In the TEPCO career period, he was in charge of corporate communications, overseas affairs as well as development of innovative businesses. Since a tragic nuclear accident involving the company, he has been devoted to crisis management and was accountable for some special projects for the reconstruction of Fukushima, as well as reputation risk management in external communication. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Keio University, and an MBA from Australian National University.