Rui Matsukawa

Member of the House of Councillors, House of Councillors of Japan

Ms. Matsukawa, before running for the election on the House of the Councilors last July, had worked at MOFA for 23 years at various posts; at the International Law Division,(1997~1999)She handled the Southern Bluefin Tuna Case; at the Asian Regional Cooperation Division(1999-2002)she engaged in Japan-ASEAN cooperation and Japan-China Korea cooperation; At Intelligence Department(2007-2010) she has engaged in analysis on Chinese maritime affairs etc. As the first Director of the Gender Mainstreaming Division, she was responsible for realizing a “society in which all women shine” through diplomacy, and managed the WAW! (World Assembly for Women). (Oversea posts) She engaged in the disarmament negotiation at the UN as the First Secretariat at the Mission of Japan to the Conference on Disarmament (Geneva)2004-2006). She promoted the Japan-China-Korea cooperation as the Deputy-Secretary General of the Information Corporations Service(Seoul)(2011-13)