Philip Dawson

Lead, Public Policy, Element AI

7/1/19–Present Lead, Public Policy Element AI, Montreal (Canada) • Leading Element AI’s public policy research efforts, including on AI governance, algorithmic accountability, online platforms, data governance, privacy, consumer protection and competition matters • Leading the company’s participation in international standard-making bodies (ISO, IEEE) and policymaking fora (UN organizations, OECD, World Economic Forum) • Engaging with government, academic institutions and private sector entities to shape public debate on data and AI governance for the public good • Attending and organizing international workshops and conferences to advocate for responsible AI and enabling regulatory frameworks 1/11/14–1/1/19 Senior Policy Advisor International Civil Aviation Organization, Montreal (Canada) ▪ Managing international groups of experts from government, academia and industry tasked with developing international standards and policies regarding data protection and the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and their enabling technologies, including artificial intelligence ▪ Coordinating with external standard-making bodies (e.g. ISO, JARUS, EUROCAE, RTCA) to avoid duplication of activities ▪ Engaging with international organizations (e.g. World Economic Forum, OECD, World Bank, UNICEF, World Food Programme) to partner on common policy agendas towards the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ▪ Leading international workshops to assist government officials and industry stakeholders with the implementation of ICAO standards into national regulations (e.g. Egypt, Peru, Thailand, Mexico) ▪ Representing ICAO as a speaker and panellist at international conferences attended by senior government officials, policy experts and industry (e.g. US, Canada, China, Germany, Tanzania) ▪ Facilitating high-level diplomatic conferences and meetings on global policy matters in aviation 1/11/17–6/6/18 Senior Policy Advisory Transport Canada, Ottawa (Canada) • Advised senior government officials on the development of Transport Canada’s State Safety Policy in accordance with international standards and policies • Drafted a white paper proposing amendments to Transport Canada’s regulations and policies on data collection, protection and privacy 1/3/14–1/11/14 Lawyer LCM Attorneys Inc., Montreal (Canada) Advised and represented clients before Canadian courts on civil, commercial, competition, product liability and regulatory law matters 1/5/11–28/2/14 Lawyer / Articling Student Heenan Blaikie LLP, Montreal (Canada) • Advised clients on administrative, civil, commercial, competition and privacy law matters • Co-authored a conference paper on data protection, privacy and social media in the workplace 1/5/10–30/8/10 Law and Policy Analyst Department of Justice, Ottawa (Canada) • Conducted policy research, attended government committee meetings and liaised with senior government officials to advise the Minister of Justice on key portfolio issues • Drafted a private member’s bill supporting the liberalization of the interprovincial trade of liquor 1/11/08–1/5/09 Policy Analyst Cicero Consulting, London (United Kingdom) • Monitored legislative, regulatory and policy-making activities of the United Kingdom Parliament • Prepared studies on policy issues related to the regulation of financial services institutions 1/3/08–1/9/08 Communications Associate, Consumer Technologies and Online Advertising Interactive Brands, Montreal (Canada) • Worked with engineering and product development teams to draft communications materials, website content and advertisements for Interactive Brands’ technologies EDUCATION AND TRAINING 01/09/2009–22/12/2012 Bachelor of Civil Law / Bachelor of Laws McGill University, Montreal (Canada) International Law; Law of International Organizations; International Human Rights Law; Civil Law and Common Law 1/9/08–1/9/09 M.Sc. Comparative Politics London School of Economics and Political Science, London (United Kingdom) 1/9/04–22/12/07 Bachelor of Arts McGill University, Montreal (Canada) Political Science; English Literature