Nomin Chinbat

Chief Executive Officer, Mongol TV

Through her professional work in media and her active role in social initiatives she has become one of the opinion shapers and role model for young people in Mongolia. In her earlier career Nomin Chinbat introduced global standards of hospitality in a country transitioning from totalitarian regime to a free market economy, driving profound changes for the whole industry. Her hotel is not only one of the top touristic attractions of the country but it is the single largest employer and tax-payer in the town that it operates in. She created MongolTV, in 2009, with a vision to educate and enlighten the public with non-biased information and knowledge. It quickly developed into the most viewed independent channels of the Nation. The channel has pioneered ethical broadcasting and responsible journalism in a country rigged with corruption and political interference. It strives to gain societal acceptance of internationally accepted norms and standards in the media industry. MongolTV was instrumental in introducing legal changes that ensure protection of intellectual property rights and paved the way for fight against copyright infringement. She was elected as Founding Chair of the Mongolian Media Council, the first self-regulatory press ombudsman in 2015, in recognition of her vision to create a legal environment for ethical journalism. She is engaged in philanthropy through various initiatives such as Byatshan Ger to help underprivileged kids and hearing impaired citizens. In recognition of her achievements, she was selected as one of the "30 under 30' by Forbes Mongolia and “Top 25 Women in Television” by Hollywood Reporter. She is always seeking to develop herself professionally, in pursuit for that she is currently attending executive program at Harvard Business School.