Nauman Ahmed Khan

Managing Director, Almoiz Industries Limited

Nauman Khan founded Almoiz Industries, the largest manufacturer of sugar and its by-products in Pakistan, which uses a unique production process and biomass-based energy sales to create a paradigm shift in the way sugar manufacturing operations are thought of in sub-tropical countries. Prior, he worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co and PepsiCo in the US. Khan is a Board Member of several PepsiCo franchise companies in Pakistan, with an active advisory role in business strategy. He also has a keen interest in technology entrepreneurship and is an avid angel investor. Khan is an active contributor in the field of education and serves on the boards of several universities and schools in the US and Pakistan. He recently founded the Institute for Career and Personal Development (ICPD) in Lahore with the aim to provide intensive training in essential work skills and key personal qualities to college graduates. Khan has a MA in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, and BA in Economics, both from Stanford University.