Mauro Miedico

Deputy Director and Chief, Special Projects and Innovation, United Nations Office on Counter Terrorism (UNOCT)

Mr. Mauro Miedico is an Italian attorney at law with post-graduate studies at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Italy, and at the prestigious Ecole Nationale d’ Administration (ENA) in France. He has been working with the Organization of the United Nations since 1996, in the United States, Austria, Haiti, Serbia, Sierra Leone, and Colombia, holding different positions as Legal Advisor with the United Nations Department of Peace-keeping Operations (UNDPKO), with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and with the United Nations Office of Counter Terrorism (UNOCT). Mr. Miedico has particularly worked in the field of justice reform and as an advisor to a number of governments on criminal justice and on preventing and countering terrorism. Mr. Miedico currently is Deputy Director, United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism and Chief, Special Projects and Innovation. He provides strategic and programmatic advisory services and expertise to the Under-Secretary General of Counter-Terrorism, addressing complex strategic, operational and policy issues. As a senior manager of the United Nations Office of Counter Terrorism, he also oversees, and has lead responsibility on a variety of counter terrorism technical assistance initiatives and programmes. Previous to joining UNOCT, Mr. Miedico worked for fifteen years at the Terrorism Prevention Branch of UNODC, including as its director (2016-2018). He has undertaken more than a hundred technical assistance missions and has chaired a large number of regional or sub-regional conferences and workshops, providing technical advice to dozens of countries on counter-terrorism issues. He is also managing a significant programme with the Inter-Parliamentary Union, frequently exposing him to Members of Parliaments and world leaders. He has received several distinctions all along his career and his well appreciated by leaders and national stakeholders in many countries.



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