Li Lin

Director, Global Policy and Advocacy, WWF International

BEng in Chemical Engineering; MSc in Environmental Management and Policy; PhD in Environmental Policy; graduate certification in business administration and executive development. Has 30 years of professional experience in sustainability, environmental policy analysis, stakeholder engagement, and partnership building. Formerly: chemical engineer in China and Japan; specialist on environmental management accounting and indicator system for sustainable development, UN DESA, New York; environmental policy analyst, environmental consulting firm, USA. 2004, joined WWF US; 2006, joined WWF China; former Executive Programme Director, focussed on addressing drivers behind biodiversity conservation, in China, and through China to the world. As Director, Global Policy and Advocacy, WWF International, coordinates and leads cross-cutting policy positions and advocacy approaches, represents WWF in multilateral fora and other policy dialogues, leads policy and advocacy teams. Work covers a broad spectrum of areas, including addressing governance, financing, markets, investment and trade as driving forces for both biodiversity loss and conservation, curbing impacts of climate change, and focusing on China’s overseas investment and addressing their impacts to the ecological systems, as well as developing strategic partnerships inside and outside of China.





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