Leslie Warren Maasdorp

Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, New Development Bank

BA in Economics and Psychology, University of the Western Cape; MSc in Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Over the past 25 years, has occupied senior leadership roles in both private and public sectors. Served in several senior leadership roles in the Government of South Africa: 1994, after the transition to democracy, appointed as Special Adviser to the Minister of Labour; 1999, as Deputy Director General of the Department of Public Enterprises, led the restructuring and privatization of state-owned enterprises for the South African Government. 2002, the first African to be appointed as International Adviser to Goldman Sachs International. Formerly: Vice-Chairman, Barclays Capital and Absa Capital; Managing Director and President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Southern Africa. Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Advtech, a leading provider of private education in South Africa. Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, New Development Bank, responsible for the treasury, portfolio management, finance and accounting functions. Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum.





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