Lakshila Wanigasinghe

Research Officer, Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS)

Lakshila Wanigasinghe is an economist from Colombo, Sri Lanka. She currently works at a leading economic policy think tank, primarily focusing on poverty and social welfare related research. Lakshila holds a MSc in Economics with a concentration in Development Economics and a BA in Economics with concentrations in International, Financial and Law & Economics from Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC), USA.

Lakshila has authored book chapters for research publications, co-authored reports for international organizations and written blogs that have been published by leading newspapers. Her research experience includes a number of research projects focusing on poverty and social welfare in Sri Lanka. She has experience working with public sector officials, development partners and private sector organizations. Lakshila's research interests include poverty, education, gender, social welfare and sustainable development. She is passionate about conducting research that positively impacts policy decisions in the hopes of improving the lives of all. She recently represented Sri Lanka as part of the Young South Asia Network 2022 cohort, a program focusing on Urban Sustainability which consisted of around 25 professionals from across South Asia.





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