Karin Finkelston

Special Adviser, International Finance Corporation

Undergraduate degree, Dartmouth College; MBA, Harvard Business School. Formerly: started career in New York; Vice-President, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, Hong Kong; Manager, Barents Group, led a team in Hanoi, advising and implementing Viet Nam's first privatization transactions. 1996, joined IFC as an Investment Officer; has held leadership positions at International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), growing investment and guarantee businesses and managing relationships with clients and partners worldwide; based in Asia for more than 17 years; 2000-06, Country Manager, China and Mongolia, growing the China business – investing with local entrepreneurs and banks – and led IFC’s expansion in Asia's frontier countries; 2006-11, Associate Director, then Director, East Asia-Pacific; 2011-13, IFC’s first Vice-President, Asia-Pacific; 2014, IFC’s first Vice-President for Global Partnerships; 2014-16, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, MIGA; currently, Vice-President, Partnerships, Communications and Outreach, IFC.





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