Julie T. Katzman

Executive Vice-President, The Inter-American Development Bank

Formerly: Founder, Violy, Byorum & Partners, an investment bank focused on Latin America; Managing Director, Lehman Brothers. With Inter-American Development Bank: former General Manager, Multilateral Investment Fund, which provides grants that support private sector-led development benefiting the poor; currently Executive Vice-President/Chief Operating Officer; since 2010, has overseen the Bank's efforts to help Latin American and Caribbean countries reduce poverty and inequality by financing sustainable development in the region; particularly focused on furthering emphasis on results and improving access and availability of these results as a way to bring the Bank's achievements to a larger audience and strengthen the case for development. Has served on a number of corporate and not-for-profit boards. Member: Board of Advisers, Instituto de Empresa, Madrid; Board of Directors, International Center for Research on Women and MacArthur Foundation.





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