Julian Jones

Professor of Biomaterials, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials, Imperial College London

Julian Jones is a Professor of Biomaterials and the Senior Tutor. Prior to this he held a Royal Academy of Engineering/ EPSRC Research Fellowship (awarded 2004), having comJulian Jonespleted his PhD here in the department in 2002. He joined the Department having obtained an MEng in Metallurgy and the Science of Materials from Oxford in 1999. His research interests are in biomaterials for regenerative medicine. His work on process development of foamed gel-derived bioactive glass (the first 3D porous scaffold made from bioactive glass) and inorganic/ organic hybrids has produced tough and flexible bioactive scaffolds suitable for tissue engineering applications. He has written 3 textbooks.

His research group consists of 18 PhD students and 5 PDRAs. The group's research interests involve the development of porous scaffolds for tissue engineering; novel 3D characterisation techniques of porous materials; the development of novel nanocomposite materials; therapeutic nanoparticles; processing of glasses, bioactive materials; sol-gel chemistry; protein adsoption to nanotextured materials; cell responses to biomaterials and non-invasive cell-material interaction analysis techniques.

In 2014 he was awarded the Vittorio Gottardi Award from the International Congress on Glass (ICG) and in 2010 he was presented with Robert L. Coble Award by the American Ceramics Society. In 2007 was awarded a prestigious Philip Leverhulme Prize for excellence in engineering.





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