Ingrid Kopp

Co-Founder, Electric South

Ingrid Kopp is a co-founder of Electric South, a non-profit initiative based in South Africa that supports virtual reality and other new forms of storytelling across Africa. She is passionate about developing the immersive media ecosystem in Africa, expanding access to artists and audiences. Electric South works with interdisciplinary artists across the continent to develop, produce and distribute immersive work. She produces a number of residential labs, commissions research, and is an executive producer on award winning VR projects, including The Other Dakar, Le Lac and Container. Electric South labs and research cover a range of topics and approaches including world building, photogrammetry, volumetric capture, the metaverse, internet access, artificial intelligence, and heritage.

Until 2019 Ingrid also curated the Tribeca Storyscapes programme for interactive and immersive work at the Tribeca Film Festival. Along with MIT’s Open DocLab and Dot Connector Studio, she produces Immerse, a monthly publication on emerging storytelling.





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