Heriberto Diarte

Senior Vice-President, External Innovation and Corporate Ventures, Schneider Electric

MBA, Stanford; MPA, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, big infrastructure projects, business to business industrials and expansion into new markets. 1999-2005: positions with CEMEX in Asia, including Vice-President, Planning & Finance, Indonesia and Director, M&A - Business Development, Asia. 2006-09: Managing Director, South-East Europe, also with Alstom Transport. 2009-12, Managing Director, South-East Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Alstom Transport. Responsible for the P&L of a business unit spanning 61 countries. Currently, CEO, Oerlikon Drive Systems; current projects under supervision include the high-speed line between Tangiers and Kenitra in Morocco, and the trams of Dubai, Casablanca and Istanbul.