Heather Tallis

Global Managing Director; Lead Scientist, Strategy Innovation, Nature Conservancy

Heather Tallis is Global Managing Director and Lead Scientist for Strategy Innovation at The Nature Conservancy. She currently leads the iTeam, dedicated to bringing innovation and integration into conservation, applying ecological, social and economic sciences to conservation practice from the planning stage forward. She founded and chairs the Bridge Collaborative, an effort to create the evidence and opportunities to solve the greatest challenges facing people and nature. Her work on the ground is aimed at transforming the way we see and manage links between nature and people in water systems, health care, infrastructure, agriculture, humanitarian response, education, supply chains, and peace processes around the globe. Prior to joining the Conservancy in 2013, she was lead scientist at the Natural Capital Project, where she led the development of software applications, InVEST, RIOS and OPAL that reveal the ecosystem services costs and benefits of land and water use decisions. Beyond her science-policy work, Heather is invested in fostering diversity and inclusion, hosting events and speaking widely on the need to shift the face and focus of conservation.