Akira Haseyama

President, Keio University

1975, BA in Law and 1979, BA in Literature, Keio Univ.; 1988, PhD in Law, Keio Univ. Currently President of Keio Univ.; concurrently, Professor at the Faculty of Letters. Professional appointments: 1998–1999, Associate Dean, Correspondence Courses; 1999–2001, Vice Dean of Student Affairs; 2001–2005, Dean of Student Affairs and Dean of Students; 2005–2007, Vice Dean of the Graduate School of Letters; 2007–2009, Dean of the Faculty of Letters; 2007–2009, Director of the Keio Institute of Oriental Classics; and 2009–2017, Vice-President of Keio Univ. Academic appointments: Board Member, Japan Legal History Association; Councillor, Society for the Study of Diplomatics in Japan. Other appointments: 2017–, Executive Director, The Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges; 2013–2015, Expert Advisor, Higher Education Bureau, Central Council for Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT); 2015–2017, Member, Higher Education Bureau Central Council for Education (Subdivision on Universities), MEXT.