Maria Glynda Bathan-Baterina

Deputy Executive Director, Clean Air Asia

Glynda is deputy executive director of an international NGO dedicated to achieving the vision of Asia without air pollution. She is a lawyer with extensive experience in developing policies and program for clean air, sustainable transport, industrial emissions control, and climate change mitigation. She was in the legal team that helped draft the implementing rules and regulations for the 1999 Philippine Clean Air Act. The Asia Clean Fuels and Vehicles program she led resulted in national policies and roadmaps for cleaner fuels and vehicles notably for Vietnam and the Philippines. She has testified and participated in deliberations in the Philippine Congress on measures including for exempting electric vehicles from excise taxes, strengthening vehicle standards and fuel specifications, improving vehicle inspection and maintenance, and implementing the Clean Air Act. An advance open water scubadiver, she shares her passion for the environment with her husband, Provincial Board Member of Ilocos Sur (Philippines), Christopher “Topeng” Baterina.





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