Eduard Gnesa

Special Ambassador for International Migration of Switzerland, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland

Studied Law, universities of Fribourg and Geneva; LLD. Since 1980, with the Swiss government, intermitted by a five year teaching and research assignment at the University of Bern. 2001-04, Director, Federal Office of Immigration, Integration and Emigration. 2005, Director, Federal Office for Migration, which belongs to the Federal Department of Justice and Police. 2009, appointed Special Ambassador of International Cooperation in Migration; intensifies and optimizes the foreign policy of Switzerland in the area of migration and development and supports the work of the Swiss interdepartmental working group on migration. Has been a member of various national expert commissions on topics such as the revision of the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals, the revision of the Asylum Act, the free movement of people, integration, etc. 2008, Chair, Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees. 2011, Chair, Global Forum on Migration and Development. Currently, Co-Chair, Regional Housing Programme in the Western Balkans.