Cécile Girardin

Post Doctoral Researcher and James Martin Fellow, University of Oxford

As an environmental consultant, Cécile developed strong skills in policy analysis and data manipulation. As a Ph.D. student in the Oxford University School of Geography and the Environment (SoGE), she developed skills in data gathering and analysis through intensive fieldwork in Andean and Amazonian tropical forests. More recently, Cécile gained a robust understanding of the UNFCCC processes during a contract in the UN FAO, where she worked on the implementation of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification in UN-REDD+ countries. Cécile combines years of experience in climate change policy analysis with her knowledge in tropical ecology and thorough understanding of forest ecosystem functioning, providing a multidisciplinary approach to her work for the Environmental Change Institute's Ecosystems Science Team.

Cécile's research aims to provide some insights into the effects of climate change on the carbon dynamics of South American tropical forests. Her PhD focused on the effects of climate change on carbon dynamics along an Andean elevation transect. It did so by examining the interactions between environmental factors (temperature, rainfall, light) and above- and below-ground forest carbon dynamics on a transect ranging from 3000 m (26.4 °C) to 220 m (12.6 °C), situated in the Kosñipata valley and Tambopata, Peru. The outcomes of this study are currently being published. Cécile is now working with the team in Peru on a Special Issue focussing on the information obtained through intensive monitoring of these permanent plots. the information obtained through these publications can be used by the Peruvian Government to report on REDD+ activities to the UNFCCC.





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