Ann Kingiri

Researcher, STI Policy, African Centre for Technology Studies

As a Senior Research Fellow at ACTS, Dr. Kingiri is responsible for the leadership of research to support the Science and Technology policy oriented capacity building, policy outreach and advocacy. She has been providing results oriented research and scientific leadership across the different programmes and projects being implemented by ACTS as well as STI mentorship. Before joining ACTS in 2011, she worked with the Ministry of Agriculture as an agricultural officer, with Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) as a phytosanitary and biosafety/biosecurity expert. While at KEPHIS, she was extensively involved in development of biotechnology and biosafety regulatory policies in Kenya. Dr. Kingiri has ample experience in networking and advocacy in a multicultural setting involving diverse development and policy actors in the public and private sector. Her previous involvement as a research fellow in the Research into Use (RIU) programme implemented in both Africa an d Asia exposed her to the institutional and organisational orientation of agricultural entrepreneurship including the role of the private sector in stimulating innovation. Ann is also a visiting researcher at the Development Policy and Practice (DPP) unit, Department of Engineering and Innovation, Open University, UK. An is currently the Secretary General of The African network for Research Training on Innovation and Competence Building Systems (AfricaLics) which is network of scholars in Africa and beyond who are interested in innovation and development focused on Africa’s development. AfricaLics is part the worldwide research network, The Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems (Globelics). Ann holds a Bsc degree in Agriculture and Msc degree in Plant Pathology both from University of Nairobi, Kenya; A Master’s degree in Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology from Mache Polytechnic Univ ersity, Ancona, Italy and a PhD degree from UK in Development Policy and Practice discipline focusing on new biosciences policy.