Andria Zafirakou

Teacher, Arts and Textile, Alperton Community School

Has been teaching art and design at the Alperton Community School for 14 years. 2018, awarded the Global Teacher Prize and has recently set up a charity called Artists in Residence with the aim of supporting the arts on the curriculum by connecting them to artists who are passionate about the arts in education. Teaches at Alperton Community School, a secondary school academy in the inner-city borough of Brent, UK. Working as an art and textiles teacher and as a member of the senior leadership team tasked with earning the trust of pupils and their families to understand the complex lives they have come from; redesigned the curriculum across all subjects to have it resonate with pupils. Determination to move beyond an identikit school curriculum has seen Alperton awarded the Institute of Education’s Professional Development Platinum Mark, an honour fewer than 10 British schools have ever achieved. Recipient, MBE, 2019, for services to education. Member, World Economic Forum Global Future Council Network.





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