Alice Ruhweza

Senior Director, Policy Influence and Engagement, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe Country Offices, WWF

I am an International Development and Sustainability expert, thought leader and practitioner with over 25 years experience working at the nexus of Environment, Climate Change, Conservation and Sustainable Development.
I have worked for and led teams in Government, the private sector, the United Nations; and large international NGOs across multiple continents including Africa, Europe and America

I am a Systems Thinker - interested in the interconnections & multiple layers; identifying the missing pieces; and connecting the dots between Human Capital (People), Natural Capital (Planet) and Human Well-being(Prosperity).

I am passionate about the use of cutting-edge science, data and technology to guide and inform investments, planning, policy, risk assessment and decision-making at all scales.

I am intellectually curious with an incurable thirst for knowledge and I can engage on a wide range of economic, social and environmental issues.





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