Ahmed Al Jarman

Assistant Minister for Human Rights and International Law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates

Name: HE Ahmed Abdulrahman Al Jarman Place and Date of Birth: Ajman 10/10/1950. Marital Status: Married with (3) children. Qualifications:  BA in Law – Cairo University, May 1979.  Post-graduate Diploma in Law - University of Algiers. Career in Diplomacy:  Appointed in the Diplomatic and Consular Corps as an Attaché from 18/10/1975, and joined the General Department of Political Affairs.  Worked at the UAE Embassy in Algeria from 3/7/1976 to 10/4/1982.  Appointed as Deputy of Legal Affairs and Studies Department from 22/9/1984 to 12/9/1987.  Worked at the UAE Embassy in Paris from 12/9/1987 to 25/10/1993 (Second in Command), and was tasked with undertaking all Embassy works.  Promoted to the rank of Plenipotentiary Minister with the title of Ambassador on 5/6/1994.  Director of Legal Affairs and Studies Department on 12/6/1994.  Acting Director of the Departments of GCC Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Consular Affairs.  Promoted to the grade of Ambassador, effective 23/11/1999.  Director of Legal Affairs, Media Affairs, Studies and Research Departments from 31/7/2001 to 4/7/2004.  Assistant Undersecretary for Specialized Affairs, and was tasked with discharging supervision duties for: Legal Affairs; Media Affairs, Studies and Research, Consular Affairs, Economic Affairs, and Protocols Departments. from 4/7/2004 to 20/8/2007.  Permanent representative of UAE to the United Nations as Assistant Undersecretary from 20/8/2007 to 18/9/2013.  Non-resident Ambassador to the Republic of Honduras- Presented his credentials on 20/6/2011.  Non-resident Ambassador to the Republic of Cuba- Presented his credentials on 24/6/2012.  Assistant Minster for Political Affairs, effective 11/11/2013.  Assistant Minster for Human rights and international law, effective 4/5/2017. Tasks:  Member of the National Committee for chemical weapons formed by the Ministerial Decree No. (682) for 2001.  Chairman of the Standing Committee for Legal Affairs of the Arab League on 21/09/2001 for two years.  Member of the Technical Committee for legislations on 23/2/2004.  Vice President of the UN General Assembly at its 65th session.