Pula Advisors

Pula is an insurance and technology company with a radically different approach: Pula targets people who have never bought insurance before, starting with smallholder farmers. We develop, and distribute insurance products and tailored agronomy advice that protects these farmers from risk and grows their incomes.

Our team has over 10 years of experience in developing agricultural index insurance products. We combine actuarial and agronomic expertise with management of multi-stakeholder partnerships. We do not take on insurance risk, instead we work with insurers to cover farmers.

We work across 9 countries in Africa and Asia, insuring a wide range of crops and farmers, with 99% of customers owning 0.6 acres, paying less than US $1-3 in premiums per year. In 2017, our revenue was US $ 1M, serving 611,000 farmers. The first 2 years we bootstrapped, in 2017 we were selected for the fin-tech incubator, DFS lab, while in March 2018 we raised US $ 1.7M from top tier fin-tech and impact VC’s.

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