Power of Media

Global media platforms, with access to over 3.8 billion people consuming their content daily, have unique opportunities to leverage their scale for positive societal impact. From the way technology is designed and used to the ways in which digital media is consumed, this initiative explores opportunities to come together across the world’s largest platforms to strengthen communities and to address societal challenges in the current context of the pandemic and socioeconomical landscape.

Launched at the Sustainable Development Impact Summit in September 2020, the World Economic Forum’s Power of Media initiative aims to help media organizations use the power of their platforms for positive impact by finding ways to enhance trust, improve diversity and representation in media, build social cohesion through entertainment, culture and sport, and build back a better and sustainable media ecosystem. The analysis will be centered around three main workstreams:

  1. Building a Sustainable Media Ecosystem

  2. Diversity and Representation in Content

  3. Social Cohesion through Entertainment, Culture and Sport

Goal: Build support and increase public trust through effective awareness and education of ESG goals. Advance avenues for which brands and platforms can leverage technology, data and the power of communities for social good in health, digital literacy, justice and other areas of society.


•Influence a more trusted, informed and inclusive outlook on how platforms can be used for social good

•Advance public-private cooperation and bridge industry gaps between media, consumer, tech, and digital communications industries to drive new societal solutions that leverage the broad reach and power of media platforms

•Achieve tangible results in improving social justice, health, well-being, education, economic inclusion, and cohesion in society


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