World Economic Forum on Latin America

28—30 四月 2020 São Paulo, Brazil

Reforming for Growth and Inclusion

Latin America is expected to drive profound transformations on the political and economic levels prompted largely by societal discomfort and protests against poverty, inequality, and corruption. With a sluggish economic outlook, stagnant productivity and fiscal challenges, the region, which has shown resilience in the past, now needs to take crucial measures to respond to a threatening global recession and to secure long-term growth. On the political front, ideological divides, corruption and unsatisfying government policies and services have weakened societal trust in and support for institutions. Finding regional strategies to resolve these issues has become more complex due to regional differences and further fragmentation that might be resulting from the recent string of elections in Latin America. Debates on climate change and environmental risks have revealed conceptual differences that could have dire consequences for the region's future. In light of these challenges, it is an absolute priority for us to come together to define a new human-centered, holistic approach to tackling them.

At a time when emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies promise to propel economic growth, empower people and facilitate progress towards sustainable development, will Latin American leaders rise to the challenge?

The meeting will explore how the Fourth Industrial Revolution can support the region’s transition to prosperity, and will focus on the following Forum Platforms:

On the agenda:

The meeting will address issues of national and regional significance under three thematic pillars:

1. Governance and Geopolitical Imperatives: How can leaders set a new path for the region and regain societal trust?

2. Economic and Industry Imperatives: How can leaders boost productivity and attract investments to accelerate inclusive growth?

3. Societal and Ecological Imperatives: How can leaders invest in human capital and environmental assets to secure tomorrow's prosperity?

Participation in the meeting is by invitation-only and open to the following Forum communities:

1. Institutional Members and Partners - The most influential Latin American and international corporations

2. Forum Members - Innovative businesses harnessing technology to drive future growth

3. Public Figures - Ministers, public-sector leaders and policy-makers committed to improving the state of Latin America

4. Technology Pioneers - Companies developing life-changing technologies with the potential for long-term impact on business and society

5. Young Global Leaders - Leaders under the age of 40 providing insight into the priorities and expectations of future generations

6. Civil Society - Leaders driving social progress from non-governmental, labor and faith-based organizations

7. Global Shapers - Individuals under the age of 30 selected for their leadership potential

8. Social Innovators - Leaders driving social change with innovative business solutions and partnership models

9. Faculty and Global Future Council Members - Top experts generating insight through thought leadership and interdisciplinary collaboration

10. Media Leaders - Publishers and editors-in-chief, top economic columnists and editors of leading science publications