COVID Action Platform Global Innovators and Start-Up Solutions

Effective solutions are essential to mitigate and overcome the global challenges presented with COVID-19. The Innovator Hub serves as a space to source, identify, and scale groundbreaking innovative solutions that are accelerating the response to COVID-19. This space will feature unique solutions on a regular basis that are mitigating the negative consequences of coronavirus.


Guidelines for Engagement:

1. When you join, introduce your organization and solution under the Feed. Please share resources or insights related to innovations in COVID response. 

2. Explore the "Groups" tab where you can find topic-specific solutions, innovation challenges, and Government and Regional initiatives specific to innovation. 

3. Review existing projects in the "COVID Action Platform" and request to engage if there is relevance to your solution

4. Reach out to the team if you have any feedback or specific contributions to the Innovator Hub.