Wang Sizhen

Co-founder & CEO, Genetron Health

Sizhen Wang
Co-founder & CEO
Genetron Health
With extensive interdisciplinary entrepreneurial experience and corporate management capabilities, Sizhen Wang leads Genetron Health in exploring cancer genomics and promoting bio-innovative technology applications to further the development of human health.
◆ In 2013 co-founded Genetron Health, a leading precision oncology platform company in China. Genetron Health’s service portfolio covers the full-cycle of cancer care from early screening, to diagnosis and treatment recommendations, to continuous monitoring and continuous care. The company has since served tens of thousands of cancer patients, high-risk groups,hundreds of research institutes, hospitals and dozens of pharmaceutical firms around the world. In early screening, its self-developed liquid biopsy product (HCCscreenTM) for hepatocellular carcinoma has received the Breakthrough Device Designation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company has developed Mutation CapsuleTM technology to detect genomic mutations and methylation alterations in one reaction. Based on this technology, Genetron Health was approved to join several National Key Research and Development Projects in China for early screening in liver, lung and digestive cancers led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and has launched prospective study cohorts of hundreds of thousands of people. In diagnosis and monitoring, the company provides comprehensive diagnostic services and products that cover eight out of the top ten major cancer types in China. Leveraging its patented technologies including the One-Step Seq Method, the company has developed a comprehensive and comprehensive in vitro diagnostic (IVD) product portfolio across NGS, dPCR and qPCR, including seven National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) approved sequencing platforms and gene assays suitable for clinical applications in China, and seven others being developed in the pipeline. In development services, the company collaborates with dozens of biopharmaceutical companies, hospitals and research institutions both in China and globally to serve their needs in genomics research and clinical development, covering biomarker evaluation for molecularly targeted therapy and immuno-therapy, clinical trial enrollment, companion diagnostics development and joint marketing post-drug approval. In June 2020, the company listed on Nasdaq under the ticker GTH in one of the largest ever precision oncology medicine company IPOs to date.
◆ In 2004 co-founded iTalkBB, a company providing global telephone, TV, data and mobile communication services. Over nine years Mr. Wang led iTalkBB to enter America’s VoIP residential service market and expand business to Canada, Australia, Singapore and China. The company’s business has grown to cover millions of users around the world and become the leading Internet communication brand among overseas Chinese communities in North America and Australia.
◆ Seven years in the finance industry at Capital One and GD Capital
◆ B.A in economics, the Central University of Finance and Economics, China, 1995; M.B.A., the HEC Paris School of Management, France, 2000.