Julia Olofsson

Global Director Human Rights and Social Impact, Ingka Group (IKEA)

Julia Olofsson is the Global Director Human Rights and Social Impacts at Ingka Group where she is responsible for setting up and facilitating the Ingka Group strategic direction of human rights and social impact work enabling the company to deliver to its 2030 People Planet Positive ambitions. Julia started her IKEA career in 2011 in the global sustainability team and has during the years held different roles such as senior advisor on sustainability and public affairs as well as project manager for decent work in supply chains in South-East Asia. Julia has also worked as a senior child rights and business officer at UNICEF Sweden where she led the development and implementation of the child rights and business agenda in the organisation.

She has a BA in International Relations from University of British Columbia, Canada and MA in International Security from University of Warwick, UK and currently lives in Malmö, Sweden.





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