Gillian Hadfield

Professor of Law and Professor of Strategic Management, University of Toronto

PhD in Economics and JD, Stanford University. 1990-94, Assistant Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley; 1995-99, Associate Professor with Tenure and 1999-2001, Full Professor, University of Toronto; 1999-2001, Professor, Global Law Faculty, New York University; 2001-2018, Kirtland Professor of Law and Professor of Economics, University of Southern California; since 2018 Professor Law and Professor of Strategic Management, University of Toronto. Faculty Affiliate, Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Center for Human-Compatible AI, University of California Berkeley. Senior Policy Advisor, OpenAI. Former Director, International Society for New Institutional Economics, American Law and Economics Association. Former President, Canadian Law and Economics Association. Member: American Law Institute, Order of the Coif. Specializes in economics and design of legal institutions and dispute resolution systems, globalization and legal infrastructure, regulation of technology and AI, access to justice, contract law and theory.





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