Francesco Daveri

Professor of Macroeconomics and Director of Full-time MBA program, SDA Bocconi School of Management

Francesco Daveri is a professor of Macroeconomics and the Director of the Full-time MBA program at Sda Bocconi.
He has held positions at the Catholic University (Piacenza campus), University of Parma and Brescia, as well as taught at Milan State University, Modena, Munich, Lugano (Usi), Roma (Tor Vergata).
His research activity in the last fifteen years has been mostly focused on the relation between economic policy, labor markets, new technologies, and the firm and industry productivity dynamics in Italy, Europe and the United States. On these issues he has served as a consultant for the World Bank, the European Commission, the European Parliament and Italy's Ministry of the Economy. He has been a member and the Chair of the Bank of Italy Committee in charge of awarding the Bonaldo Stringhr scholarships.
He is also a member of the Sustainability Committee of Eurizon Capital, a columnist of Corriere della Sera and a member of the managing board of the economic policy website





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