Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño

Chief Executive Officer, Earth Transformers

PhD (Hons) in Astrophysics, Max Planck Institute, Germany; Postdoc in Satellite and Rocket Science with NRL/JAXA/NASA. Product scientist. Professional experience in research, private sector, public sector and NGOs. Committed to bringing the value of “Impact Science” by promoting and practicing the skill-based value of scientists, versus the knowledge-based value. Formerly: Director, Science and Technology,, an NGO on climate change adaptation; with the World Bank Innovations Lab and the President’s Office; Chief Scientist, Mapbox. At Satellogic, as Vice-President, Impact, team designs, implements and promotes the use of high-resolution high-cadence satellites images to contribute progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. From measuring poverty proxies, improve agricultural yields, or track environmental degradation or climate change impact. Has published peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as featured on NASA high-profile Picture of the Day and other science outreach mediums. Member: Global Future Council on Space, World Economic Forum; strategic boards for several companies, government bodies, and NGOs, such as Inmarsat, the UAE Statistical Authority, and IamtheCode. Mirzayan Science Policy Fellow, US National Academies of Science. Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum.





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