Alisher B. Usmanov

Founder, USM Investments Limited

Mr. Usmanov is the Founder, USM with assets including: Metalloinvest; MegaFon; Udokan Copper and CRPT. He is also President, International Fencing Federation; Member of the Board, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs; Moscow State Institute of International Relations; International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Channel Commission; and Russian Olympian Sportsmen Support Fund. Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Russian Fencing Federation. He is also the Founder of The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation; and For the Future of Fencing, a fund to Support Fencing Veterans.

Mr. Usmanov was formerly with the Academy of Science of USSR; Association for Foreign Economy, Committee for Peace of the Soviet Union; Intercross; Moscow Aviation Industrial Enterprise; MAPO-Bank; lnterfin Investment and Finance Co. He was First Deputy General Director (1998-2000); General Director, Gazprom Investholding (2000-2014) and Adviser to the Chairman, Gazprom (2000-2001).

Mr. Usmanov has a Degree in International Law from Moscow State Institute of International Relations; a Degree in Banking from the Financial Academy of Russia; and a PhD in Social Science.

Mr. Usmanov is the recipient of the Order for Service to the Fatherland IV and III class, Russia; the Order of Alexander Nevsky and Order of Honour of Russia; the “Respected by people and homeland” Order of Uzbekistan (El-Yurt Hurmati); the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic; the Order of Friendship (Dostyk) II and I class, Republic of Kazakhstan.



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